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Massage Therapy

Swedish massage originated in Sweden in the 19th  century. Per Hendrick Ling cured himself of Rheumatism through massage percussions and developed a system of massage and medical gymnastics. At that time physiology was a new science and Ling based his massage on it. His system was called "The Ling System" or "Swedish Movement Treatment" and is the basis of the massage used today. Massage is offered in many different forms, from Swedish Relaxation Massage to Deep tissue Swedish to Rolfing or Rolf Therapy. 

With the amount of stress increasing in our lives by the demands on our time and on our bodies, we are all looking for ways to decrease that stress. There are a multitude of benefits that can be received from Swedish massage, stress reduction is only one. Have a look on the benefits page for more information on what massage can do for you.

Jim uses Swedish massage and integrates it with both Reiki and Polarity to give his clients an energy infused massage that can either elevate ones energy or relax one deeply depending on your wishes. 

You will receive a massage to order, addressing your needs for any given day. Being in Conway or Myrtle Beach SC can be relaxing but sometimes it isn't always enough. Whether you have tired muscles from golfing or are just in need of being de-stressed  for an hour,

CEH is "Where You Come to Get Relaxed".

You dress down to your level of comfort and are draped throughout the session. Only the area being worked on is uncovered, keeping you comfortably warm at all times.

Jim uses odor free massage lotion or oil. If you have a personal favorite oil or lotion, he will keep a supply just for you.