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Polarity Therapy

What is Polarity body work?

Polarity Therapy is the living science of balancing the energy fields of the body and the healing art of revitalizing your life force.

Polarity works on all of the body's levels. The work is done on the physical body while you remain fully . However, there is no separation between the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental levels of our entire system.

Polarity works with the Ayurvedic energy pathways which are similar to the Acupressure pathways.


The theory behind Polarity is that when our physical structure, energy fields, thought processes and the more subtle energy fields and chakras are in balance, we experience oneness with ourselves, clarity and increased energy. Through repeated sessions you learn to listen to your inner signals and recognize what is needed to have great health and creative energy. Now you have the opportunity to manifest your true purpose in this lifetime.

The purpose of Polarity is to bring our personal life force fully into the physical body. When this happens, the structure aligns, the immune system activates, the energy meridians become unblocked, we gain mental clarity and we take action on that which supports our life force.

My wish is to offer you the highest form of clarity, health and well-being that you can maintain. I am offering you session where you can get relaxed so you can have the best possibility of prolonged benefits from any of my healing modalities.


Our lives should be filled with the joy and wonderment of all that surrounds us. When we are balanced, we can partake in all that life offers



 (Jim in Venice Italy, picture taken by his wife)