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Reiki Therapy

Reiki Therapy is a healing energy modality that is transmitted through the hands of a practitioner who has been KEYED-IN (Connected more directly to our source given energy, through an initiation process more commonly known as an “Attunement”). This technique has been passed down by Reiki Master Teachers since it was first rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui. Jim has been trained in the Usui system of Reiki Natural and became a Master Teacher in January of 2006.

Reiki energy comes from our Creator. The practitioner giving the energy session is simply a conduit allowing the LIGHT or energy to pass through him into the recipient, much like a wire that carries electricity.

Jim does not transmit his own energy, and thus experiences no personal energy drain. He intuitively works on the area that your systems are directing him to work on. One does not have to be sick or in a negative aspect of mind to benefit from a Reiki session. A person who receives Reiki simply gets better.

You will enjoy the quiet and restful space here on Cape Cod while lying on his heated practitioner's table.





Some people feel Reiki as warmth, others as hot energy and some feel nothing at all. If they feel nothing, this does not mean that they are not receiving Reiki energy, only that their particular sensitivity level may not be quite as developed as some others.




What you can expect a Reiki session to be like:

A normal Reiki session lasts about one hour, or in severe or extreme cases the session could last longer. The recipient takes off his or her shoes and lies down upon a massage table. There is no need to undress any further than this. (At times a chair can be used if it is too painful for you lay down.

There are many positions that the practitioner's hands are placed on the body. Starting at your head and finishing at your feet. Usually you will sense or feel the practitioner at most of the positions but there are a few where his hands will be up as high as 18" above a given area. Every session is different and your session may be very different from someone else who he just worked on. The type and duration of a session is determined by your state of being on any given day.

This is a very light touch which some people feel as warmth, and yet others may feel as a coolness. The sensation is different for everyone depending on your openess to receive energy, your personal history and energy needs.

The benefits of a Reiki session are vast and yet subtle. People that have received a session have said they feel more relaxed, more centered and sleep better. They do not get frustrated as quickly. As well as people who say their day to day aches and pains have lessened and they have more vitality.



The thing that seems to hold true about Reiki is that it will help you where you need the benefit to be, but you have to want to improve for it to work.

 Is it time for change in your life. Experience a session and see how it affects you. 


Jim teaches Reiki to anyone who feels they would like to learn this ancient Japanese modality. Contact Jim for prices and locations. Locations are all over the Grand Strand and he can even set up a group training at a location of your choice. Hospice workers as well as nurses find Reiki to be very benificaial in their practices. They have told Jim that they gain a greater ability to calm a nervous patient and help shorten recovery time as well as reduce their pain just by using a Reiki touch.



(Crane on Cape Cod Canal)



Reiki practitioners follow "The Ethical Principles of Reiki" written by Dr. Mikao Usui. They are as follows:

 Just for today do not worry

Just for today do not anger

Honor your parents, teachers, and elders

Earn your living honestly

Show gratitude to every living thing